Well, another day another dollar, or as we would say it, another day another scholar. Having just
concluded another round of future techprenuers, we’re proud to present the report for the donations
received and how the money was spent. It is with humble hearts that the M-Tep board wishes to say
thank you for your continued support in this phase where we are learning the ropes ourselves. What
works, what isn’t, how can we improve? All vital questions that need to be answered as we plan on
impacting the children of Malezi with a brighter tomorrow.

The session we’ve just concluded has taken the kids through office essentials in a creative manner. The
kids picked a vocation from a given list, where they could either be Mama Mboga groceries, A Mtumba
Seller, Butcher, Bookshop, and a Shopkeeper. It was all very entertaining as the kids worked really hard
to build their profile. Stocking their shop with the goods they need, searching for the images of the
various items online, and bringing it all together in one document.


Malezi Technical Education Program #MTep2017

For the first time on the streets of Kitui Ndogo,a community center going by the name of Malezi Community Center was the beneficiary of a tech education program. Relaunched in 2014, serving 60+ students, Malezi’s founder Grace and her assistant Andrew are the epitome of angels on earth giving their all to the kids and community.

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